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Why choose LifeSkills internship opportunity?

LifeSkills, Inc. – Internship program
Program overview -- LifeSkills, Inc. routinely has interns and practicum students fulfill
some functions within our agency. This packet is intended to provide guidelines for
students and staff regarding the different types of internships, application procedures,
travel requirements, and other pertinent information about the internship program.
LifeSkills has operated in Bowling Green and the 10 surrounding counties since 1966.
During this time LifeSkills has distinguished itself as a leader among Community Mental
Health Centers in Kentucky for our consistent use of new and innovative approaches in
the treatment of Behavioral Health disorders. In keeping with this leadership role
LifeSkills strives to offer quality educational internship experiences to individuals
seeking to further their expertise and advancement in a variety of mental health fields and
Each of the freestanding clinics in our 10 county region is staffed with fully certified
and/or licensed Psychologist, Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists, and/or
Professional Counselors. During the course of an internship, an individual may also
come in contact with Psychiatrists, Psychiatric nurses, occupational therapists, speech
therapists, school counselors, vocational rehabilitation counselors, and/or recreational
therapists. Each of these professionals offers a unique perspective and approach to the
identification, understanding, and treatment of individuals with behavioral health
disorders from which the intern can gain insight and understanding.
Interns will receive exposure to a wide range of mental health problems and treatment
approaches. Practical experience in working with children, adolescents, and adults may
be offered. An integral part of any internship program is the clinical supervision. Interns
will be assigned a primary clinical supervisor with whom they will be responsible to for
all aspects of their clinical work. Each intern will also be assigned an administrative
supervisor or mentor that may or may not be the clinical supervisor. This mentor will
provide oversight and supervision to all aspects of the intern’s duties and will work in
consultation with the primary clinical supervisor when they are not the same person.
All interns will receive training in traditional mental health theory and practice as well as
some new and innovative treatment options. Master’s level training will include
instruction and practice of individual, group, and family therapy. More specialized
training may also be offered for interns in particular fields of study (e.g. Psychology
interns will receive training in the performing of psychological testing and measurement).
Other possible areas for specialized training include domestic violence, juvenile sexual
abuse and offending, substance abuse, geriatric patients, etc.
Internships are educational experiences offered in conjunction with LifeSkills and a
University as part of a student’s overall educational program. As such interns are
required to have University approval and supervision to be considered for an internship
and must provide liability insurance through the university.
Page 2 11/16/20171. All interns will receive a closely supervised and monitored training experience
in the behavioral health field.
2. Each intern will develop an understanding of the benefits and need for and
interdisciplinary team approach to behavioral health treatment
3. Interns will develop knowledge and skills that will prepare them to enter the
work force in a variety of capacities.
4. To develop specialized skills as the needs of the individual dictate.
5. To provide a variety of clinical experiences to allow the intern to compare
 LifeSkills, Internship application
 If internship is graduate level clinical internship then you may also include,
but is not required...
o Resume (if applying for a clinical internship)
o Personal statement that details the specific internship requirements, the
individual’s personal goals for the internship, theoretical orientation,
areas of interest, and professional goals.
o A letter of recommendation from a University professor familiar with
the individual’s clinical aptitude.
If after review of this information you still have questions, you may direct them to the
Internship Coordinator (Robin Gregory) at LifeSkills office in Bowling Green KY. The
phone number is (270) 901-5000 x 1005.
Primary objective – The Primary objective of the LifeSkills, internship program is to
provide individuals seeking advanced education in a variety of mental health fields the
opportunity to further their knowledge and skill toward the goal of preparing them for
employment in a variety of mental health agencies and/or setting.
Objectives –
different treatment settings and modalities
Application for internship – Anyone interested in completing an internship with
LifeSkills, should begin this process by completing an Internship application that are
available on line at or at our corporate office on 380 Suwannee Trail
Street, Bowling Green KY, 42103. The completed application should be routed to Robin
Gregory at or by fax to (270) 782-5927, or mailed to the
address below. The application should include the following information:
Once completed this application should be submitted to our Internship Coordinator. This
may be done via fax (270 782-5927); email or at the address
LifeSkills, Inc
Attn. Robin Gregory
380 Suwannee Trail Street
P.O. Box 6499
Bowling Green KY 42103-6499

LifeSkills/Pennyroyal is an Equal Opportunity Employer


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